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Sierra Energy Solutions provides a full suite of full turn-key design build solutions for the energy industry, including lighting, solar, EV charging, and much more. We eliminate the pain and inconvenience associated with this work, allowing you to innovate and upgrade your facilities more easily. Guided by more than 15 years of experience working with emerging technologies, Sierra Energy Solutions puts clients first as we help them build a better future.


Sierra Energy Solutions has many years of experience participating in the development of lighting, and we have direct insights on the industry. We can sort out the good products from the bad, and spot promising advancements as they appear on the market. No matter how unique or challenging your lighting needs are, we can find a solution that satisfies them. Our full turn-key designs are efficiently and cleverly engineered to the demands of your space.


With the growth in the electric vehicle market, our electrical grids will begin to face more strain. To compensate for this rising need for capacity, transmission, and delivery, we create solutions to ensure that EV charging can be artfully integrated into local electricity use. We install distributed energy resources (DERs) to boost distributed generation and storage, and integrate EV batteries themselves into grid management. Through these technologies, we can respond to challenges that arise as EV charging becomes more common.

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We install solar panels made from graphene, a remarkable material that earned a 2010 Nobel Prize for its development. Graphene solar panels can deliver up to 40% more electricity to your house for half the cost of traditional solar panels. All installations include a predicted savings proposal prior to your approval, and are handled with care and professionalism. Through the use of solar panels, you can attain greater energy independence, help the environment, and save dramatically on energy costs for your home, EV charging station, or other facility.

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Drawing on years of experience, we consult on, design, and engineer electric vehicle charging stations. If you’re in need of rapid expansion of your charging network, our track record shows we’ll be able to help. Additionally, our engineering team has developed systems and processes to reduce the time and energy necessary to build each station. Every possible opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint in the construction and operation of these stations is taken, and our battery storage systems also improve local electrical grid management.


Sierra Energy Solutions also places a priority on understanding and incorporating emerging technologies into our suite of solutions. New developments in lighting, energy, and sustainability are always under consideration by our team.

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